Posted by: Andrea | December 2, 2008

Major Universities Weigh In on the Asian American Stereotype

portrait-chinese-americansThe Asian American Studies Program of the University of Maryland has teamed up with the Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA) to publish a demographic study of Chinese Americans, and are promoting this collaboration tomorrow at AsianWeek headquarters in San Fransisco.

The publication uses U.S. census data from 2000 to mostly provide data on who chinese americans are, where they live, how much they make, and how big their numbers are.   I think it’s great that people are recognizing that the asian american society is large enough to constitute tracking and study, but the data is almost a decade old.   Eight years ago, we were living in a pre-9/11 world.  Eight years ago, we were in an economic boom.  Eight years ago, China’s global economic presence was still a foreign concept.

A lot has changed in the past eight years, so I’m skeptical of the relevance of the study’s insights.  That being said, this is mitigated by use of the 2006 American Community Survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau for more recent numbers, although the survey was conducted on a very limited basis (samples only selected from geographic areas with a population greater than 65,000 people totalling 1.5M individuals interviewed, which translates into 0.49% of the total American population).  Still, it’s better than nothing.

So if you’re in the San Fran area, I suggest you drop by – it’s being held at 11am at the San Diego Room, Hiram W. Johnson State Building, 455 Golden Gate Avenue.

For an online copy of the report, go to


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